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Care and Support Planning - Diabetes

From June 2022, we are commencing a new approach to annual diabetic reviews.

How will I be recalled for my annual diabetes review?

You will continue to be recalled for your annual diabetes review by birth month, unless the clinician has requested that you are reviewed sooner.

If you also have other long-term conditions, you will be recalled for a single annual review appointment covering all of these.

How will my annual diabetes review look?


Via the Year of Care approach, there will be two parts to your annual diabetes review.

Part 1: Information Gathering consultation – 20 minutes

• With the Healthcare Assistant (HCA) or Practice Nurse.

• Relevant monitoring bloods are taken, physical measurements obtained (height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, pulse rate), and lifestyle information discussed (smoking and alcohol status).

Part 2: Care and Support Planning conversation – 30 minutes

• With the Practice Nurse.

• The aim is for you to talk about what is most important to you, the actions you can take to achieve your health/lifestyle goals, and what support you might need. The usual diabetic checks (foot check, medication review etc) will also take place.

• You will agree a Care and Support Plan (CSP) with the clinician. This is designed to help you to manage your long-term condition(s) over the next 12 months.

How should I prepare?

Following the Information Gathering consultation (Part 1), you will be sent a copy of your physical health measurements and monitoring blood results.

To help you get the most out of the Care and Support Planning Conversation (Part 2), you will be asked to think about:

• What is most important to you.

• The actions you can take to achieve your health/lifestyle goals.

• What support you might need.