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Sending photographs/images to the GP

Sending Photos/Images to your GP

With the increased use of online and remote consultations, there may be on some occasions where we ask you to send us an image of your area of concern.  To protect both our patients and the practice team, we adhere to strict guidelines about the request, receipt, storage and deletion of any images we ask you to send us.

By law, we cannot receive any images of sensitive areas of any patients under the age of 18.

For patients who are over the age of 18, the law is different and images can be sent but only with the full consent of the patient.  However, we would usually agree a different method of consultation if this was your area of concern/worry.

You are not permitted to send any images to us without the express request of the clinician and this request will be documented in the medical record, including the type and location of the authorised image.  Any images sent without express permission or that exceed the permission given will be deleted and may be subject to further action.

If you are asked by a GP to send images this could be in a number of ways:
- by email to the practice
  please add what the images are and the person who requested them in the subject box
- by Accurx text message - if this is asked we will send you a text message and ask you to reply and attach the image

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