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Seasonal Flu Vaccinations

For the flu season (flu season is usually September - March) it is highly recommended that if you are eligible for the vaccine then you should get vaccinated.  You will be contacted by the practice and asked to attend an appointment or ask you to arrange one in one of the flu clinics.

The flu vaccine is free on the NHS for the following children:
•children over the age of 6 months with a long-term health condition

•children aged 2 and 3 years on 31 August 2020 (that is, born between 1 September 2016 and 31 August 2018)

•children in primary school

•children in year 7 (secondary school)

The flu vaccine is free on the NHS for the following adults:

• If you are aged between 50-64 years

‚Äčare 65 years old or over (if you're aged 65 and over on 31 March 2021that is, you were born on or before 31 March 1956)

•are pregnant

•have certain medical conditions  

•are living in a long-stay residential care home or another long-stay care facility

•receive a carer's allowance, or you're the main carer for an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if you fall ill

•live with someone who's at high risk of coronavirus (on the NHS shielded patient list) or you expect to be with them on most days over winter.

This guidance is likely to be changed or updated in the coming months and we will  ensure that you receive the most up to date information.  The NHS website is updated regularly and can be viewed by clicking the below link

You will be invited by the practice by letter or text message to make your appointment but you can contact us if you feel you are eligible and want to arrange this appointment before we contact you.  We will be running flu clinics however if they are not suitable we can arrange an alternative appointment.

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